What is Designs for Health Prostate Supreme?

Manufactured by Designs for Health, this dietary supplement is advertised to be all around beneficial to prostate health and the manufacturer recommends it for any man over the age of 45.
They state that it promotes a healthy prostate by balancing the hormones involved with its health and that it is even rich in antioxidants. The product is said to be an all-natural supplement, and that it can help reduce some of these symptoms: painful urination, inability to fully empty the bladder, low sex drive, frequent urination, and waking up nightly to urinate. It is also claimed to help with the enlarged prostate problem.


The site provides us with the Supplement Facts sticker off the product, and it lists these ingredients:

  • Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol)
  • Vitamin B-6 (as Pyridoxine HCI)
  • Zinc (TRAACS Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate)
  • Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) (fruit) [standardized to contain 45% fatty acids]
  • Nettle (Urtica dioica) (root) [standardized to contain 0.8% Beta-sitosterol]
  • L-Glycine
  • L-Alanine
  • L-Glutamic Acid
  • Chrysin
  • Diindolymethane (DIM)
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract (Cucurbita pepo)
  • Lycopene

Other Ingredients: Vegetable stearate, silicon dioxide; bovine gelatin (capsule)

So, in short, this product is a combination of amino acids, botanicals, and some essential vitamins.


You are instructed to take 2 capsules per serving, one serving per day, or more if directed so by a health care practitioner. This product comes in a bottle containing 60 capsules, so that means one bottle is for a month’s supply.


The price of one bottle is $36.00. The costs of tax & shipping are also paid by you if you buy it. It does not seem possible to buy this product in larger quantities.

Possible Side Effects

The official page as well as other sites we’ve checked, all state that there are no side effects to this product. As the product is made with bovine gelatin, it is not suitable for vegetarians.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The product is claimed to be manufactured in a cGMP-certified facility using high-quality non-GMO ingredients. There is no money-back guarantee offered on the official site.

The Bottom Line

The official site is very thorough regarding the information about this product. Furthermore, this product is a bit costly and the official site offers no benefits for ordering more than one bottle. We’ve found some discounted prices on some other distribution sites, for purchasing more than one bottle. The reviews for this particular product are few and give it an average rating of around 3 out of 5 stars.

With that said, and considering there is no money-back guarantee, we guess this product is meant to help with bladder problems, but if you have some serious problems, you would probably want some more concrete solutions, and would probably listen to the advice from a professional about what product you need to take, rather than experiment on your own and wait for the results.

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