What is Reserveage Nutrition Prostate Science

Reserveage Nutrition Prostate Science is a natural supplement formulated for men and contains ingredients that promote good prostate health. The ingredients were chosen for their potent properties in promoting male vitality.

Men’s sexual and urinary health often deteriorate as they age, without adequate prevention. Reserveage Nutrition Prostate Science promises to take care of your sexual and urinary health in a natural, safe way.


Prostate Science contains ingredients for enhancing male vitality, including the following:

  • Saw Palmeto Berry extract, standardized to 40-45% fatty acids, which is also the key ingredient.
  • Organic French whole red wine
  • Organic Muscadine whole red grape
  • 240 mg Beta-sitosterol
  • 120 mg Campesterol
  • 80 mg Stigmasterol
  • 2000 IU Vitamin D

It also contains nettle root extract, rice bran, and silica. It is gluten free.

Saw Palmetto has long been used in alternative medicine, primarily for the treatment of enlarged prostate. Studies have shown that extract from the ripe fruit of Saw Palmetto has cancer fighting properties, particularly prostate cancer. While scientists are not sure how it works, there are indications that it shrinks the inner lining of the prostate, leading to a relief in pressure on the tubes through which urine is carried.

Directions for Use

Prostate Science is a dietary supplement that can be taken with or without food. The manufacturer recommends one to two capsules per day.  To maintain freshness, keep supplement at room temperature of not more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Prostate Science costs $32.99 for a 60 capsule bottle. Shipping details are provided at checkout so prepare to spend a few more dollars more depending on where you live.

Possible Side Effects

Products containing Saw Palmetto are not recommended for people with known or suspected liver and pancreas issues. While there is not enough information to conclude that it causes irreversible damage in said conditions. That being said, it’s better to be on the safe side and avoid it.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Reserveage Nutrition provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. To initiate a return you must contact customer service for further information. The company website does not indicate whether shipping charges or any processing fees are subtracted from refunds.

The Bottom Line

Prostate Science from Reserveage Nutrition makes a compelling promise to restore male vitality and prevent or cure prostate issues. The money-back guarantee inspires some confidence (though details regarding the actual amount of refund should be clarified). However, there are no customer reviews on the company’s website and no indication of FDA/GMP certification.

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