The prostate is a very small gland located between the bladder and the penis in men.  A number of men have to deal with problems relating to their prostate particularly as they get older. When men begin to age, it is crucial that they keep an eye out for prostate cancer warning signs. The American Cancer Society has stated that one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some time in their lives. It causes thousands of deaths every single year. The good news is that there are preventative steps that men can take to decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer. Simple changes to their lifestyle and diet can make a big difference in their long-term health.

Changes in Diet

3 Ways to Improve Prostate HealthIt is important for men to eat a healthy diet in order to prevent prostate cancer. Men should try to eat as much whole grain foods as possible and 5 or more servings of vegetables and fruits daily. Tomatoes and peppers are a good source of lycopene which can also help prevent prostate cancer. It is also important to cut back on red meat and make sure not to consume too much protein, this means they should stay away from any processed foods such as meats and hot dogs.

Limiting the amount of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol intake can also help reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Men do not have to cut these out completely, but they should be consumed in moderation. Men should also make sure not to eat foods that are heavy in salt or heavy fats, this means staying away from any packaged or processed goods.

Lifestyle Changes

There are other things that men can do to reduce their chances of being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Many studies have shown that taking certain supplements on a daily basis can help reduce the risk. Some men do not get enough nutrients from the food that they eat so they have to take a supplement to replenish those nutrients. Zinc and palmetto berry are two supplements that have been proven to keep the prostate in good health.

3 Ways to Improve Prostate HealthIt is also important to cut out smoking completely from your life. Tobacco has been proven to damage the lungs and give off free radicals that can cause a great deal of damage to all parts of the body, including the prostate. Maintaining a healthy weight will also decrease your chances of prostate cancer. Make sure to get plenty of exercise and maintain your proper body weight, talk to your doctor about how you can do this in a healthy manner.

Medical History

It is also extremely important that you are aware of your family’s medical history. If your brother or father have ever been diagnosed with prostate cancer, then this will increase your chances significantly of being diagnosed as well. You need to talk to your doctor about the potential symptoms that you will need to watch out for and make sure to go in for your regular wellness check-ups after the age of 40.

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