With the advancement of technology comes the rise of new information and breakthroughs in the medical community. One such advancement that is understanding the benefits of the mineral boron when it comes to preventing and eliminating prostate cancer.

An enlarged prostate is a common condition that most men experience once they hit a certain age and is a condition that should be taken seriously as men grow older. An enlarged prostate can cause discomfort when urinating and may even lead to more serious medical conditions such as Urinary Tract Infections and prostate cancer.

Boron – A Key Ingredient for Prostate Cancer Prevention?However, recent studies have put the spotlight on a mineral known as boron. This mineral has been shown to be able to target specific prostate cancer cells and eliminate them quickly and it does so while leaving healthy cells intact. In addition to its ability to eliminate cancer cells, boron also has been shown to have an effect on PSA levels. PSA is a marker for prostate cancer development and an elevated PSA level usually means cancer are present.

Boron has been linked to a considerably lower PSA level and is shown to be connected with a 64% reduction of prostate cancer risk. Obtaining this mineral naturally from food can be difficult which is where supplements come in. Medical experts theorize that taking boron supplements daily can greatly reduce an enlarged prostate and, in effect, prevent prostate cancer as well.

Boron and its Prostate Cancer Defense Properties

Until recently, PSA was viewed only as an indicator of prostate cancer development. However, additional research has concluded that PSA is in fact a major factor in the progress and development of prostate cancer. This discovery is in fact a blessing as it has opened up additional treatment options; one of these is the application of the mineral boron.

Boron – A Key Ingredient for Prostate Cancer Prevention?One aspect of boron that helped it get the attention of medical experts is its ability to specifically target and impede the growth of prostate cancer cells. The key word there is “target”, as boron eliminates these invasive and dangerous cells while leaving perfectly healthy cells untouched. Further studies showed that boron has the ability to cause apoptosis or cell death to cancer cells by disrupting the protein fibers of cancer cells, hence, forcing these cells to break apart.


While further research is needed, boron has shown immense promise when it comes to treating prostate cancer. Even today, medical experts are recommending that men in their 40’s start taking boron supplements to help counteract symptoms of enlarged prostate. By stopping prostate cancer at its root you can avoid the stress of treatment in the future. Boron is shows significant potential as a prostate cancer treatment option and is something that you will likely be hearing more about in the future.

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